How Can PGx Testing Save My Life & Why haven't I heard of it?


PGx Testing can help SAVE YOUR LIFE by providing your Doctor with a detailed report helping them predict how YOU may respond to certain medications and supplements, BEFORE you take them, based on YOUR own DNA. It can also help maximize effectiveness of medications you are currently taking.

Pharmacogenomics is very real. In fact, many top Healthcare Providers in the U.S. have implemented PGx testing into their practices. Places like the Mayo Clinic, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Stanford University Medical Center, and many more have been doing this testing for some time!

First FDA approval of pharmacogenomic testing was in 2005, and it has only improved since then. Medicare began covering this test in 2009, and today many insurance providers cover this test as well, for those who are eligible.