Am I Eligible for a PGx Test And How Much Is It?


Your Doctor will be the one to determine this and sign the consent form stating this test is a medical necessity for you. Your insurance company has to agree with them to cover the cost of the test.

Some current signs that you would be eligible include that you are currently under care of, and taking medications from, a Cardiologist, Oncologist or Psychiatrist. Other signs may include having a chronic illness, taking multiple medications and having previously had adverse drug reactions.

If your Doctor orders the test and your insurance company approves it, this PGx test with our company will cost you nothing! This is important because many PGx testing companies will send you a bill for the amount not covered by your insurance company.

In fact, even if your insurance company does not approve it, our test will still cost you $0 out of pocket. Our company will incur all the expense! Most other companies would bill you for the full amount of the test, which could cost you thousands of dollars.