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Good nutrition promotes health, while nutritional deficiencies can lead to many chronic diseases. Yet, many people underestimate the importance of achieving proper levels of essential nutrients each day. For the human body to complete vital daily tasks, it must be given a wide and complex variety of key nutrients. Nutritional deficiencies may be caused by drug-induced nutrient depletion, poor food choices, inadequate nutrient levels in soil, and improper food transport and food processing techniques. Combine this with the impact of a high-stress, fast-paced modern lifestyle, and ensuring foundational nutrition each day becomes essential. Some common medications that may deplete nutrients in your body include but are not limited to: Metformin for diabetes, Lisinopril for blood pressure, Statins for cholesterol and many others. Listed below is a link to a Drug Nutrient Depletion Chart with many commonly used medications and the nutrients they can deplete.

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At Remington Drug, we will notify you by putting a handout in your prescription bag informing you of the specific nutrient being depleted and the drug causing the depletion along with a recommended nutrient supplement and dosage. We strongly believe in preventative wellness and supplementing the human body with essential nutrients so you can live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life!